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Our Work from Home or Remote Work Policy

To our valued Digital Setups employees, here are some guidelines – as a part of our HR policy – to maximize your productivity and maintain a positive work-from-home or remote work experience:

Good things to do

  1. Establish a designated workspace: Set up a dedicated area at home for work, creating a focused and professional environment.
  2. Stick to a schedule: Maintain regular working hours and follow your established routine to stay disciplined and organized.
  3. Communicate effectively: Stay connected with your team through digital platforms, ensuring clear and timely communication to foster collaboration.
  4. Take regular breaks: Refresh your mind and recharge by taking short breaks throughout the day, helping to maintain focus and productivity.
  5. Dress for success: While you may have the flexibility to dress casually, dressing professionally can help maintain a productive mindset.
  6. Prioritize self-care: Take care of your well-being by exercising, eating nutritious meals, and practicing self-care activities to stay balanced and healthy.
  7. Seek support when needed: Reach out to your colleagues and supervisors for guidance and assistance whenever necessary to ensure smooth workflow.

Handle these as well

  1. Avoid distractions: Minimize potential distractions during work hours, such as personal phone calls, excessive social media use, or non-work-related tasks.
  2. Steer clear of multitasking: Focus on one task at a time to maintain productivity and quality of work, avoiding the temptation to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself: Stay socially connected with your colleagues, participate in virtual team meetings, and engage in online conversations to foster a sense of community.
  4. Avoid working excessive hours: Maintain a healthy work-life balance by setting boundaries and adhering to a reasonable work schedule to prevent burnout.
  5. Don’t neglect regular breaks: Remember to take breaks and step away from your workstation periodically to prevent prolonged periods of sedentary work.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can optimize your work-from-home experience, ensuring seamless collaboration, productivity, and overall well-being. Your commitment to these practices will contribute to the success of our Digital Setups community.

Thank you for your dedication and continued efforts in these challenging times.